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The mission of Huron is to provide a university education of the highest standards through its undergraduate degree programs in the Arts, Social Science, and Theology and its graduate and professional degree programs.

The institution seeks to attract the most qualified university applicants and holds as its principal academic objectives:

  • to promote educational excellence,
  • to encourage scholarly achievement and critical thinking through excellent teaching and research,
  • to foster international understanding and cooperation,
  • to provide its students with a broad and useful education that will challenge and develop their intellectual skills, enhance their desire for knowledge, and
  • prepare them for positions of leadership and responsibility.

Huron welcomes all persons regardless of faith or denomination and aims to nurture a sense of belonging and community respectful of individual differences and responsive to individual needs; to support an active student life which encourages the personal and intellectual growth of our members; and, through its chapel and theological programs, to affirm our heritage as an Anglican institution.