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Critically Engaged

Huron University College’s current strategic plan was approved by the Executive Board on 22 November 2012, following over a year of consultation and deliberation by faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

Critically Engaged: A Statement of Strategic Direction for Huron University College, 2013-2023 sets out five strategic directions designed to put the core beliefs of Huron into practice and to ensure our continued longevity and success:

     1.   Focus on Student Engagement and Advantage
     2.   Emphasize Critical Thinking
     3.   Increase Public Awareness
     4.   Mobilize Alumni Support
     5.   Safeguard our Future

Huron University College is an institution that provides an engaging and challenging educational experience that gives our students a distinct advantage throughout their entire lives. Over the next decade, Huron will attend to its academic strengths and traditions, its reputation, its commitment to student centeredness, engaged, and success, and its facilities and infrastructure.  

An annual report on the implementation of Critically Engaged is prepared each autumn.