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Parking at Huron

Huron offers two parking areas for students and guests coming to campus. Monday through Friday, the Student Lot requires a pre-purchased parking pass, and transponder to enter. If you have misplaced your parking pass or transponder, you will be required to use the Pay and Display lot, and obtain a new pass from the Parking Office.

Complimentary parking is available in the Student Lot beginning Friday at 4:00 p.m. through Saturday and Sunday. 

Pay and Display:
All persons parking a vehicle in the Pay and Display area are required to purchase a ticket. Tickets are $3 per hour and the machine takes exact cash or credit. Please follow the instructors from the machine. A ticket will be printed and must be displayed face up on the dashboard of the vehicle. Pay and Display tickets are only valid in Pay and Display parking areas. Any vehicles parked without a visible ticket, or are parked in ‘Visitor Parking’ will be subject to a $35 fine.

Please note the Pay and Display Meter does not give change or offer refunds once money has been given.

Visitor Parking:
Visitor parking at Huron requires a Visitor Pass to park in this area. Passes must be pre-arranged prior to your arrival, as spaces are limited. Tickets purchased from the Pay and Display meter are not valid in the visitor parking area, refunds will not be issued and you will be subject to a $35 fine.

*The Pay and Display and Visitor Parking is a monitored lot, and does not offer complimentary parking evenings or weekends.

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