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Governance Speaker Series: David Fung

March 13, 2017
Dr. David Fung, CEO of ACDEG International Inc. and Chancellor of Capilano University will explore societal, institutional and personal outcomes of good governance through innovation and critical thinking, fostered by the role of a liberal arts education.

With a keen interest in sustainability, post-secondary education and business, Dr. Fung will highlight timely connections between governance, innovation and the liberal arts.

Prior to Dr. Fung's talk there will be a meet and greet at 5:00 p.m. in Huron's Great Hall. The talk will begin at 5:30, followed by a Q&A at 6:30 and reception.


David T. Fung is Capilano University’s chancellor. A resident of the North Shore, Fung is an international leader in business, technology and sustainability who has a long history of proactive interest in post-secondary education.

Fung - who has a doctorate of chemical engineering from McGill University and was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Capilano University in 2014 - is chair and CEO of the ACDEG Group of companies, a global technology integrator. He is an international entrepreneur and an advisor to a range of federal government departments and offices, as well as one of the largest clean technology venture capital funds in Canada. Fung has worked on joint ventures between Canada and Sweden, Germany and Asia and serves on the national board of Canadian Standards Association Group, a $350-million technology service business in 15 countries.