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Research Day

May 25, 2017

How can you get the answers, if you never ask the questions?

Get a snap shot of the incredible research being done at Huron during the 2017 Research Day. 

What you'll hear about from Huron's answer seekers:

  1. Do babies recognize the difference between singing and speaking?
  2. How do students' perceptions of how much alcohol their friends drink affect their consumption?
  3. Is fundamental behavioural theory under attack?
  4. How do allegory and realism function as discursive modes in modernist works?
  5. How can we define Stoic thinking and why was it adapted into Christian thinking?
  6. A lexicalist approach to verbal morphology: syntax without head adjunction
  7. The politics of re-radicalising the deracinated as invasive species (the implications of social and political displacement)

Following the presentations, there will be a 30 minute question period. Take advantage of this time to explore some of the best and brightest in their fields!

Read the full brochure here