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Challenging students to be Leaders with Heart, from Day 1

December 20, 2016
Challenging students to be leaders with heart happens through hard work and dedication to community, from day one. An innovative Residence Life program, First Year Council provides participants with a chance to actively listen to their cohort and enact meaningful change based on identified needs in residence. It's Leadership with Heart, in the place many students call home: residence.

FROPH Councillor Madeleine Harrison highlights the council's inclusiveness. "No ideas are off the table!" she says. "I've learned that the changes we make don’t have to be huge ones to be important; even small things like signs explaining the importance of removing dryer lint can be considered “huge” based off the impact it makes."

"I've been given the opportunity to work with peers who are charismatic, intelligent, and exceptionally driven to achieve the shared goal of making this year the best possible experience for Huron’s first years. FROPHs are treated as equals to the SOPHS and faculty, which reassures us that our voice and the voices of those we represent are heard and respected," Madeleine says.

For first-year student Elliot Kimelman, being a FROPH has provided big picture perspective. "There is an incredible amount of work that goes into every program. Huron has such a great group of people who put in a huge community effort to make the student experience so good."
Like Madeleine, the opportunity to be part of positive change has been the best part of Elliot's FROPH experience. "As a Froph I have the opportunity to address any concerns my entire floor has with the rest of the council and with administration, and I am able to get changes made. I also am excited about having the opportunity to help plan Frost Week, for when we all return in January."

Ending 2016 with a celebration of our students' exceptional gifts and commitment to community seemed especially fitting. The entire Huron community extends a warm thank you to our incredible FROPHS and all they do for Huron! Stay tuned for Frost Week details!