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Huron Establishes The CGS Community Association

October 20, 2016

Introducing: The CGS Community Association

Written by 4th Yr Honors CGS Student Sophie Teversham

The Centre for Global Studies (CGS) has birthed a movement and it extends beyond the classroom. Throughout recent years the Centre has made strides in promoting its educational and program philosophy to both current and incoming students. Creating new brochures, hosting a formal event for high school students, and establishing ambassadors, CGS has presented a clear aim to broaden its community.

Perhaps the most significant development to date is the founding and ratification of the CGS Community Association, the Centre’s first ever formal student club. Beginning in April of 2016, President Ziyad Darwish, along with the seven other students, saw a demand that needed to be met. A faculty studying global communities needed a community of its own.

"After seeing the need for CGS students to have a group, the CGSCA was formed to provide students with a place they can belong to,” Darwish explains. “Created by students for students we aim to provide a safe place for students to get help, learn and get to know each other.”

Faculty and staff are thrilled to see such student driven initiative and have generously agreed to support the club in any way they can. Centre for Global Studies professor Dr. Wendy Russell comments on her excitement, “The new CGSCA taps into the best thing about Huron - that we operate at a human scale at all times. Huron's campus community is famously friendly, supportive and integrated, but what we sometimes miss is that this creates a unique context for learning and action." 

The new Community Association reflects this unique context for learning by bringing the collegiality and synergy that our students perform in class into a shared, independent space where students can support one another, engage the Huron community and beyond.

The professor further expresses her gratitude for such an active student population, “I'm grateful to our students who are doing this really as a service to their peers in the Centre and at Huron. The Centre for Global Studies and Huron truly are producing such fine leaders.”

With the goal of one event per semester, Monday September 26th marked the successful launch of the club’s first event. Along with free pizza, the evening provided attendees with the club’s goals, a meet and greet with CGS professors and mingling with upper and lower year students.

The CGSCA is also proud to have launched a peer mentoring programme for first and second year students. Providing the opportunity to guide, engage and walk along other students while growing the CGS network. 
Only one month into the school year the CGS Community Association has made its mark. Huron is proud to be home to students who constantly look for innovative ways to engage with classroom material and extend it further into the community. We are left in keen anticipation, eager to witness the many accomplishments on the horizon for the CGS Community Association and the Centre for Global Studies.