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Dr. Richard McLaren is headed to the Oscars

January 22, 2018

Nice guys do not finish last

Just ask longtime friend of Huron, Dr. Richard McLaren, who is basking in the glow of the recent Oscar nomination for Icarus – a documentary film featuring his role in leading the World Anti-Doping Agency’s investigation into Russia’s doping scandal.

Icarus is a docu-thriller that details a postmortem on the Russian doping scandal that occurred during the 2012 Sochi Olympics. Bryan Fogel, the protagonist of the film, helps bring to light the complexities of Russia’s efforts to set their athletes apart using banned substances. Our esteemed associate, Dr. Richard McLaren, is presented with evidence established via Fogel’s interactions with Russian scientist, Grigory Rodchenkov, during Fogel’s attempts to experience the effects of doping as an amateur cyclist. Together, with other members of the World Anti-Doping Agency, Dr. McLaren helps champion the investigation to deliver the appropriate decision to protect the integrity of the Olympics.

The documentary speaks to the seeming impossibility of eradicating the use of drugs from international sports. But, Fogel and Rodchenkov also highlight the importance of the journey towards truth. The narrative celebrates incorruptible spirits, like McLaren, who live a genuine love of sport, transparency and justice.

Dr. McLaren’s Huron family will be cheering him and his colleagues on during the Oscars. We are hopeful Icarus’ bold exploration of the highly politicized world of sport will be rewarded at the 2018 ceremony. Regardless, we are proud of Dr. McLaren’s ongoing dedication to protecting the integrity of sports and upholding the law – regardless of the complexity of the situations he finds himself steeped in.