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Student Op-Ed published in Nigerian Daily Newspaper

November 9, 2016
Strategically small means boundless opportunity. For 2nd year Economics and Global Development Studies student Oluwatobi Tayo, opportunity came in the form of international publication.

As an assignment for CGS 2003F: Discourses of Global Studies, Dr. Kate Lawless's students were required to write an open letter regarding the neoliberalization of education and encouraged to submit the letter for publication.
The letter "Crisis in Schools: An Open Letter to Nigeria's Education Minister," was published as an op-ed on October 28 in The News, a Nigerian Daily Newspaper.

"Students should be encouraged to think outside the box and we owe it to ourselves to provide a platform for equal access to educational opportunities," Tayo writes. "We should not shy away from probing the status quo and actively pursuing new ways of thinking."  

"I would like to highlight my student's accomplishment, but also the fact that the work we are currently doing in class on the relationship between the discourses of global studies and the crisis of education formed the conditions for this public action," says Dr. Lawless.

As a space that challenges students to be leaders with heart, pursuing new ways of thinking with the aim of improving the status quo is central to Huron's mission. Congratulations, Oluwatobi!

You can read the full letter