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Types of Endowments

Endowments in support of educational excellence at Huron University College

Huron offers an engaging and challenging educational experience that gives our students a distinct advantage throughout their entire lives. The support of Huron alumni and friends, through their gifts for scholarships, bursaries, volunteer service and a first-class library, for example, provide opportunities for students at Huron to make the most of their potential as they prepare for the future personally and professionally in their years at Huron. For each of these areas, and others described below, endowments have been established to provide financial support on an ongoing, annual basis.

An endowment in The Huron University College Foundation creates a permanent fund of capital that can be named for the donor, the donor’s family, or an organization for example.  Each year a portion of the market value of the endowment (currently 4%) is paid out in support of a program, such as those below, agreed to by the donor and Huron University College.  Investment growth and any additional donations increase the value of the fund, and in turn the financial support provided from the endowment each year.  An individual endowment can be established in each of the following areas based on the minimum gift level indicated.  Gifts to establish an endowment may be made over a multi-year period.

$2-million - Academic Chair 

An endowed Chair will provide an annual income to provide salary and program support for a faculty position in Arts and Social Science or Theology. 

$30,000 - $400,000 or more - Scholarships


Faculty of Arts and Social Science

Scholarships are vitally important to attract highly qualified students to Huron, recognize academic excellence, and assist in providing financial support for students as they pursue their studies.

  • Entrance Scholarships

  • Huron must be competitive with other universities in providing scholarship support for first-year students who are considering an education at Huron.  Approximately $200,000 is budgeted each year in the Huron’s operating budget for deserving students with 85% or more based on their secondary school results.  Endowments of $4-million comprising contributions from alumni and friends will provide a sustained and predictable source of income for Huron to attract deserving students.

    Scholarships can be established in the form of an endowment in the name of an individual, a family, a class year or other group with a gift of $37,500 or more.  Scholarships can be structured to recognize not only academic achievement but community service, leadership, and involvement in the arts or athletics, for example.

    A $37,500 gift will establish a Scholarship of Distinction to be awarded in the amount of $1,500 to a student entering first year with an average of 85 – 89.9%.

  • Renewable Scholarships

  • A $200,000 gift will establish a Scholarship of Excellence to be awarded in the amount of $2,000 to a student entering first year with an average of 90 – 92.9%. The scholarship is renewable each year for three years based on the student’s ability to maintain an 80% or greater average.

    A $250,000 gift will establish a Huron Scholarship to be awarded to a student entering first year with an average of 93% or more. The scholarship will be in the amount of $2,500 and is renewable each year for three years based on the student’s ability to maintain an 80% or greater average.

    A $500,000 gift will establish a Hellmuth Scholarship to be awarded to a student entering first year with an average of 90% or more. The scholarship will be in the amount of $5,000 and is renewable each year for three years based on the student’s ability to maintain an 80% or greater average. Applicants will be assessed on basis of academic achievement (on all post-secondary courses), volunteer/community services, commitment to athletics or the arts, and involvement in student life.

  • Second, Third and Fourth-year Scholarships

  • A gift of $30,000 or more will establish a Scholarship in support of:

    * specific academic programs in second, third or fourth year (eg. Economics, History, Management and Organizational Studies) or,

    * for superior academic performance across all subjects in a given year (eg. 2nd or 3rd highest overall standing, excluding those students who are continuing recipients of a Hellmuth or National Scholarship.)

    Such scholarships typically are awarded to students who begin to excel academically after first year, and therein provide a meaningful way of recognizing their achievement and providing financial assistance as they continue with their studies.

    The value of the scholarship will be based on the size of the gift. A $30,000 gift, for example, establishes a $1,200 scholarship, with each $10,000 increment adding $400 to the value of the scholarship based on current payout rates. Depending on the size of the gift, scholarships may be for one year only or be renewable based on the student’s ability to maintain a minimum average.

Faculty of Theology

As in the case of the Faculty of Arts and Social Science, scholarships can be established to attract students to Huron to pursue theological studies and reward academic excellence.  Scholarships can be established with a minimum gift of $37,500 to provide a scholarship amount of $1,500 or more.

  • $20,000 - Lectureships

  • A teaching endowment will support program costs in specific courses and areas of study of interest to the donor – e.g. English, Philosophy, History, Political Science, Theology, Psychology, Business, Modern Languages, Economics, Global Studies.

  • $20,000 - Lecture Series

  • A lecture series endowment will support guest speakers and lecturers in the form of honoraria and travel expenses.

  • $10,000 - The Library

  • The Silcox Memorial Library is at the heart of the Huron community – a place for study, research and reflection.  Library endowments will fund purchase of books, software and periodicals each year.

  • $10,000 - Campus Preservation

  • Campus preservation endowments fund ongoing improvements to College facilities such as classrooms, residences and public facilities such as The Great Hall.

  • $10,000 - Bursary

  • Bursaries provide needed financial assistance for students who otherwise might not be able to attend university.  The annual cost to attend university is $17,000 - $19,000. Currently 30% of Huron students qualify for bursary assistance based on family income and financial need. Bursaries range between $250 and $3,000 to assist with  annual student expenses such as tuition, accommodation, meals, books and supplies.  Donations to a bursary endowment will be matched by the Ontario Government if the student was a resident of Ontario prior to attending Huron.

  • $10,000 - Leadership & Professional Development Funds

  • To help liberal arts students prepare for future careers, the Leadership and Professional Development Program, introduced in 2011, provides students with opportunities to build professional and interpersonal skills as they prepare for the workforce. Co-ordinated by Huron’s Career Development Office, students can enrol in programs such as project management, cross-cultural communications, public speaking, writing skills, volunteer activities, community-based learning, and workshops on networking, job interviews and resume preparation. Successful completion of the program is recognized with a certificate signed by the Chair of the Huron Executive Board at each year’s graduation ceremonies. An endowment will support funding on an ongoing basis to support program workshops, feature speakers and promotion.

  • $10,000 - Principal's Discretionary Fund

  • The Principal’s Discretionary Fund is available each year for the Principal to support projects and needs such as the costs of a special guest speaker or program not otherwise covered by the operational budget.

  • $10,000 - Community-Based Learning

  • Community-based learning is an integral component of the experiential learning focus at Huron. In it, students work with a community organization or business, either in London or abroad, as part of their program of study. Students learn by ‘doing’ in many ways, and in this case acquire a more sophisticated understanding of the communities in which they live. Through their experiences with community organizations, students have a chance to apply what they have learned in the classroom and to develop critical skills in the analysis of real-world social, economic and political trends as part of their liberal arts education.

  • $10,000 - Volunteer Service Funds

  • Volunteer service funds support Huron students in their volunteer activities ranging from work with primary school students both at home and abroad to promote literacy, and with ngo’s abroad to improve local communities.  As well as helping others, Huron students themselves benefit from a variety of enriching experiences as they become young adults and prepare for future positions of responsibility and citizenship.

  • $10,000 - International Study Funds

  • Huron offers opportunities for its students to study abroad for a full or half-academic year as part of their Huron program of study, providing an enriching cultural experience.  This is made possible by 16 formal exchange agreements which Huron has developed with universities around the world, including universities in China, France, Japan, Korea, Malta, Mexico, Norway, Singapore, Sweden and the United Kingdom.  Tuition for study abroad is the same tuition as at Huron.  International study awards provide financial assistance for students to undertake a half-term or full-term study abroad, contributing to accommodation and travel expenses.

  • $5,000 - The Collegiate Chapel of St. John The Evangelist

  • The Chapel serves the Faculty of Theology and the College community daily, and remains a prominent outreach to the undergraduate community for Christian worship.  This endowment supports the annual costs of Chaplain ministry and preserves the integrity and beauty of the Huron Chapel.

  • $5,000 - Faculty Research Funds

  • This endowment provides financial resources to support faculty in leading-edge research projects in their fields of study and further enhance the profile of Huron as a place of higher learning.

  • $5,000 - Award or Prize

  • Huron awards and prizes recognize achievement in a particular academic discipline or area of College life, such as student leadership and community involvement.