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Critical Global Engagement at Huron: Huron is committed, in its teaching, learning, and research, to critical engagement with the effects of global flows of people, ideas, resources, and capital. We recognize and actively explore how these flows affect  scholarship, community, and community ties, privilege, and the development of sustainable, reciprocal, and mutually beneficial relationship within a globalized world.

Huron students are provided with several opportunities to critically engage in a global world.

  • Huron welcomes over 100 international students from over 30 different countries to live and study alongside Canadian students.
  • Huron students can go on a semester or year long academic exchange, selecting one of 24 universities located in 15 different countries.
  • Huron's exchange partners offer Summer Study Abroad opportunities.
  • Student Support Services recruits several student leaders each year to serve as Peer Guides who help plan academic and cultural activities to assist our international and exchange students with settling into the Huron community.   Click on the links on the left menu or on the items below to find out more
  • Motivated Huron student can also arrange for their own global educational experience using the Letter of Permission process.

Click on the links on the left menu or on the items below to find out more

  • United Kingdom - The Bader International Study Centre at Herstmonceux Castle

  • Spend a semester studying in a fifteenth-century English castle!

    Huron University College has partnered with Queens University in Kingston, Ontario to offer upper year students the opportunity to study at the Bader International Study Centre (BISC), which is located at Herstmonceux Castle.

    Students travel to BISC from all over the world. Huron students who have completed at least one full year of undergraduate studies can study in the Fall, Winter, or Summer term. Students travelling in the Fall or Winter term take 5 courses. Courses are available in Arts, Commerce, Cultural Studies, Psychology, International Politics and Humanities.

    Summer at BISC is a 6-week program where students take 3 courses. Courses are available in Engineering, Global Health & Disabilities, Medieval Theatre Studies, and Archaeology.

    Classes are held from Monday - Thursday. Fridays & Saturdays are reserved for experiential learning trips. Students who are taking 5 courses can expect to take 12-15 of these trips during their semester abroad. All trips are covered as part of the course fees you pay.

    Tuition is paid to Queens. Fall & Winter tuition is $18,500CDN. Summer tuition ranges from $4000 - $9000CDN, depending on the program you take. This includes tuition, residence, meals & field trips. Students are responsible for their flights/transportation and any insurance, including health insurance.

    Application deadlines: Fall - July 31; Winter - November 15; Summer - March 15

    Two new programs have just been added! Winter semesters of study in International Politics and Psychology are now available!

    For more information:

    Upper Year Programs
    Admission Requirements
    Apply Now

  • Information for Parents

  • Huron University College's small campus gives us the opportunity to get to know your student in order to help them achieve their academic and post-graduation plans. Not only do we welcome students from over 29 countries, but we also encourage students to consider international experiences to enhance their education. Huron students can go abroad to study, volunteer, or work both through our programs or initiatives they seek out on their own. Parental support is an important part of a students' decision to go abroad and we hope to address any questions and concerns you may have as the parent of an international student or a student considering going abroad.

    Benefits of Global Experience

    Curriculum enhancement: Going on exchange, studying abroad, or participating in Huron in Honduras is an extension of in-class learning. For example, a student studying the Japanese language can increase their mastery of the language by being immersed into it in Japan.
    • Cost-effective: Exchange programs are an affordable way to have a global experience because exchange students pay tuition to Huron (and therefore do not have to pay high international fees). Huron does offer some scholarships and bursaries to help pay for the cost of studying abroad.
    • Personal growth: Students move outside of their "comfort zone" to adapt to different environments and situations. This can result in advances in intellectual and social maturity as well as increased self-confidence. For example, students who participate in Huron in Honduras experience life in rural Honduras where running water and other taken-for-granted conveniences are not readily available thus exposing our students to an experience that is difficult to replicate in a classroom setting or through reading a book.
    • Development of the soft-skills sought by employers: Students acquire many skills abroad that can be developed in their resumes and used in job interviews. Some of these skills include leadership, communication, adaptability, functional ability in another language, empathy and a deeper appreciation for differences and cultural diversity. It also adds an international dimension to the resume and academic record for graduate school.
    • Networking: Grows your son or daughter's professional and personal network through the experience.

  • Prospective Partners

  • Huron University College is always looking to expand relationships with other organizations to open up our campus as well as to send our students to yours.