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Ms. Siobhan Girard

Residence Don, Residence Life
At Huron, you have an amazing community - in your classes, residence and across campus. It's a great place for students to be. 
Get to know Siobhan!

High School:
Assumption College School
Hometown: Windsor, ON
Year and Program: 3rd year Specialization in History
Building: O’Neil/Ridley Hall

A little about Siobhan: 
The reason I came to Huron was because of it’s small sizes and close-knit community. I am an active member of the Huron Undergraduate Dramatic Society, the History Society at Huron, and the Kendo Club at the athletic center. I like diet Coke, reading, writing, acting, video games, and I really miss playing the bassoon.

What do you enjoy most about being a Don?
I enjoy being on campus and being a part of the Huron community.