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Student Elected Representatives

All students at Huron are represented by the Huron University College Student Council.  In addition, all M.Div., MTS, and B.Th. students are represented by the Bishop Hallam Theological Society.

Huron University College has its own students' council, HUCSC, which offers many opportunities for students to get involved.

With just over 1,300 students, Huron is a great place to make a lifetime of friendships. Students get incredible support and encouragement from faculty and fellow students. There is a real sense of community at Huron. Along with an exciting social scene, more than 30 clubs and organizations offer opportunities to get involved. At Huron, we value rigorous learning and vigorous fun. 

  • Huron University College Student Council - HUCSC

  • The "Need to Know" about student involvement

    • Huron University College Students' Council (HUCSC) is an organization designed for you and run by students like you. 
    • HUCSC, with an annual budget of approximately $80,000, allows students to balance academics with the fun things (like leadership opportunities, events, parties, and student clubs).  
    • HUCSC strives to provide students with opportunities to get involved by either participating in or running various events, programs, or clubs.  
    • HUCSC builds leaders who are able to contribute to the Huron community through interaction, volunteer work, and a great sense of adventure.  

    Involvement Opportunities

    • At Huron it is easy to get involved and there are many positions on campus that provide leadership experience.   
    • Some opportunities include: students' council (45 positions), Dam the Stress Mentors (35 Positions), Promotions Crew (20 Positions), and the various committees (Formals, Fashion Show, charities, etc.)  
    • If you don't see what you are looking for, then let us know and we will help you create what you want to do.

    What does the HUCSC offer?

    HUCSC has over 30 Clubs including these and many others:

    • Athletic Programs   
    • Student Activity Centre with Beaver Dam Bar   
    • Orientation Weeks (in September and January)   
    • Yearbooks   
    • Huron Clothing   
    • Dam the Stress Peer-Mentorship   
    • Tutoring Services   
    • Grapevine Newspaper   
    • HUCSC Events   
    • Promotions Crew   
    • Social Issue Awareness Campaigns   
    • Charity Fundraisers   
    • Fashion Show

    For further information, visit the HUCSC website or email the HUCSC President at: president@myhuron.ca

    In addition to all of the clubs and activities offered at Huron, students may also take advantage of all that Western University has to offer. Check out Western's activities at: http://westernusc.ca/

  • Bishop Hallam Theological Society

  • The BHTS is an integral part of the life of the College, in many ways more than people realize.

    We participate in many of the committees of the College, we work with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences’council and the Huron University Students’ Council to run events. We also plan and prepare many of ourevents: social gatherings, quiet days, mission outreach and worship in the chapel.
  • Message from the BHTS President

  • As students in the Faculty of Theology, you are all members and are cordially invited to get involved in all of it. There are still a few positions open on our council, so please consider taking a more hands-on approach during your time with us. You will be hearing more about this in the weeks to come.

    I once heard it said that knowing God entails, “a type of knowledge that speaks less of acquiring a master’s degree in divinity as it does of being mastered by Divinity.” Thus, we must take care not to let our education get in the way of learning. Those of us who have already been through a couple of years will no doubt note that this is monumental task to achieve, one made even more complicated by the myriad of responsibilities associated with the courses themselves. That being said, we are pleased to support each other, to bear with one another, to hold each other up, to celebrate the highs and lament the lows, and to call each other accountable to the overarching goal of this very prestigious institution.

    It is my pleasure to welcome you to this intentional and transformative institution. I pray that you might breathe deeply of this experience, taking full advantage of everything this faculty has to offer you—a historic location, a renowned academic education and a loving community.

    Brad Johnson
    President BHTS, 2013-14