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Whether you need help with your first university assignment, or you are seasoned writer with a specific question or concern, we're here to help. Though we neither edit nor evaluate pieces of writing, we do provide advice and guidance to help you become a better writer. Come see us to learn more! 

  • 2017-18 Writing Fellows

  • Hamad Al-Azary, Writing Fellow is a PhD candidate in Psychology at Western, where he is a member of the Language and Concepts Research Group. The bulk of his research focuses on how we process meaning from metaphors and concepts. Experienced in academic writing and teaching, he looks forward to helping students at Huron become better writers.

    Samantha Black, Writing Fellow
    is a PhD Candidate in Economics at Western University where her research is focused on the interaction between climate change and population displacement as well as flooding in coastal cities. She has been a TA for Economics courses for five years.

    Yimin Chen, Writing Fellow is a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies working on a thesis that seeks to disentangle some of the conceptual mess that surrounds internet trolling. He studied Biology and English Literature at UBC before coming to Western for his MLIS and PhD. Yimin has taught and TAed undergraduates in the MIT program as well as graduate students in Library and Information Science at FIMS and firmly believes that good academic writing doesn't have to be boring.

    Aaron Ender, Writing Fellow is a third-year Philosophy student at Huron University College. His interests include Ethics, Political Philosophy, and Logic. As a current Huron student, Aaron enjoys helping his fellow students excel at their writing and writing projects.

    Esther Lachance, Writing Fellow is currently a Bachelor of Education student at Western University. She completed her B.A. in French Literature and Psychology, as well as a Masters in French Literature, both from Western. Her research interests are vast, and include 17th century French Literature and Applied Linguistics. Her experiences lecturing and tutoring in French and English foster her passion for teaching.

    Patti Luedecke, Lead Fellow, Writing Services is a PhD student in English primarily studying American Literature with a secondary focus on British Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature. Combining her interests in both fields, she is currently writing her dissertation on the concept of “confidence” and the social contract in American literary naturalism of the 1890s. She completed both her MA in Media Studies, and her BA, a double-major in English and Media and the Public Interest (MIT) at Western. Patti has TAed for both English and MIT courses and enjoys helping students in other fields as well. 

    Anne Young, Writing Fellow has a PhD in English literature from Western University, where she specialized in Gothic Fiction, Nineteenth-Century Literature, and Literary Theory. She also writes about art and art history. She enjoys reading and writing in a variety of genres, but did not always find writing easy. She knows it can also be difficult and frustrating, and understands how nerve-racking it can be to show your writing to others. Questions like: “When do I start a new paragraph?”; “What is a thesis?”; “How do I cite this?”; and “How do I know if I have done enough research?” are questions she has asked and found answers to.