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Huron’s innovative Leadership and Professional Development (LPD) Certificate program will help you to move from the classroom to career. 

You will take the skills and knowledge that you have acquired in your courses and put them into practice through a series of workshops, opportunities and both curricular and co-curricular programming that will prepare you for a professional career upon graduation.

Through Huron’s LPD certificate, you will be offered a unique opportunity to participate in exchanges, internships, volunteer work, student leadership, and numerous other exciting and potentially life-altering activities. These experiences will cultivate humility, open-mindedness and dedication and will engage you in local and global communities, providing the confidence, experience, and connections necessary to develop a rewarding career.  
Upon completion of the Huron LPD certificate, you will have a further credential, in addition to your degree, that will set you apart from others competing for the same jobs.

For more information on the Leadership and Professional Development Certificate Program, click here.