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Patrick Sheppard

4th Year,English Language & Literature "As Huron students, we are both Huron and Western students. All of the main campus opportunities are there for us." See Patrick's full profile

Lexa Cutler

4th year,Global Development Studies Huron was the perfect choice. It really is the best of both worlds. See Lexa's full profile

Marie-Ange Symmonds

4th year,Global Development Studies, Minor French Studies You can do so many different things with this degree: from economics, to urban planning, to global health. See Marie-Ange's full profile

Nicolas Gil

4th year,English Language & Literature You get to have a huge impact and influence because Huron is such a diverse community. See Nicolas's full profile

Harrison Bauer

4th Year,Management and Organizational Studies, Accounting "Huron is a unique experience that is well worth it." See Harrison's full profile

Lexie Bernstein

4th year,Business Administration (Ivey) Your Profs really get to know you. I think that's the greatest thing about Huron. See Lexie's full profile

Alex Ryken

4th year,Psychology I have no TAs; my profs all care about teaching and want to see their students succeed. See Alex's full profile

Marilyn Adlington

4th year,Philosophy, Museum and Curatorial Studies I understand Hamlet, but I also understand the context and the world the play came from. See Marilyn's full profile

Sean Battaglia

4th year,Accounting If I ask for help, there will be someone to help me. You don't have to go seeking. See Sean's full profile

Andrea Jennings

4th Year,Psychology "At Huron, you're not just a number. You're a person." See Andrea's full profile

Emily Rose

4th Year,Management and Organizational Studies, Accounting "I knew that I would thrive at Huron with the caring and supportive students and staff I encountered during my first visit to Huron." See Emily's full profile

Kristiana Karathanassis

4th year,Double Major French and English "Everyone cares about making Huron the best place it can be, and everyone cares about each other." See Kristiana's full profile

Malcolm Pennell

4th,History "I strongly believe that Huron's style of teaching has given me a better learning experience." See Malcolm's full profile

Amna Zeid

3rd Year,Philosophy "My Huron professors help me to reach my full potential." See Amna's full profile

Travis Moore

4th Year,Globalization Studies "I don't worry about taking the wrong path anymore. I focus on keeping myself dynamic and open to opportunity." See Travis's full profile