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Clara Tuckey

4th year, English & History I'm so glad I transferred here. I made the right decision. See Clara's full profile

Dana Ossman

4th year, Management and Organization Studies I knew Huron was the right place for me because of the small class size. See Dana's full profile

Dylan Matthews

3rd year , Honors Specialization Globalization & Minor in French I collaborate with friends in different programs. We bounce around ideas to solve problems. It is such a unique experience. See Dylan's full profile

Elliot Kimmelman

2nd year, Management and Organization Studies, Specialization in Policy & Ethics Leadership with Heart means making a difference to a cause you feel a real connection to and taking action to make a tangible difference. See Elliot's full profile

Justine Albert

2nd, Psychology Major I have learned more, my writing has improved, and I am more confident because professors have so much time to give feedback. See Justine's full profile

Kaan Kalkan

3rd year, Political Science Huron is the perfect university for me. The classes are small, you can interact with professors and making friends was really easy. See Kaan's full profile

Mackayla Kiers

4th year, Specialization in French, Minor in Spanish Professors really push you to succeed and ensure you do your best. They take time to go over the concepts, so you truly understand. See Mackayla's full profile

Matt Patterson

4th year, Honors Specialization History A small Liberal Arts school where I could really be a part of the community and get to know my professors - that drew me in. See Matt's full profile

Megan Woroch

3rd year, Globalization and Global Development Studies I spend all my time on campus. You can’t go anywhere without seeing friends. It is such a comfortable community of people. See Megan's full profile

Natalka Duncan

4th year, English, Minor in Visual Art History Huron and its professors see you through, keep track of you, and genuinely want you to succeed.  See Natalka's full profile

Ruth Lebelo-Almaw

4th Year,Political Science & Global Development Development Studies and Political Science have given to me tools to help in a way that doesn't deny someone's agency. See Ruth's full profile

Trevor Sookraj

3rd year,Honors Specialization Globalization Studies The Liberal Arts teaches you to ask the right questions. You look at what's happening and see different biases based on who's speaking. See Trevor's full profile

Baraa Abuzayed

3rd year,Global Development Studies, Minor in French You learn so much about yourself through others. When this happens, you know that your matter here. You're not just a number. See Baraa's full profile