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A university degree is an investment in your future. Bursaries, work/study opportunities and OSAP provide additional financial assistance to students in need. 

Last year, over 30 percent of our students sought and received supplemental funding. Huron annually awards $1.5 million in financial aid to those qualify.

For more information on money matters, please view the following links:



Financial aid

Bursary form

Parking information

Students are asked to complete and submit a Release of Information Form. You are not required to do so. Submitting this form allows Huron to share your information with a third party. For more information, please contact Sheila Ita.

If you have any concerns regarding your experience with the Financial Aid Office, please contact Deborah Lucas, Vice Principal of Finance and Administration at dlucas4@uwo.ca
  • Online Statement of Account

  • Sign in to your Huron Fees Statement with your Western user ID and password via our Huron Finance Page. For example for the email address student29@uwo.ca, the Western user ID is student29.

    Having issues logging in? Contact Adam Knezevic, Technical Services Assistant, at aknezev2@huron.uwo.ca / 519-438-7224 ext. 230 or visit Western Identity Manager to:

    ·       Activate your Western Account

    ·       Reset your password

  • Payment Options

  • Huron University College no longer accepts credit cards for tuition, residence and other fees. Payments can be submitted through:

    ·       Online/Telephone banking (from a Canadian bank account): payee is Huron University College or Huron University College Tuition. The account number is your 9 digit student number (preferred and quickest method)

    ·       Debit (in person) : Room W37

    ·       Cheque/ Money Order/ Bank Draft: payable to Huron University College with the 9 digit student number on the memo section. Can be mailed to Huron University College Attn. Student Accounts  or brought to W37

    ·       International Transfers:

    o   Western Union Global Pay

    o   Wire transfer:

    The Bank of Nova Scotia

    Bank Address: 44 King Street West, Toronto ON M5H 1H1 Canada

    Swift Code/ BIC Address: NOSCCATT

    Account Number/IBAN (Include ALL 12 digits): 000420241415

    Transit/Routing/ABA Number: 00042

    Account Name: Huron University College

    Reference/Payment Details: 9 digit student number

    Institution number if requested: 002

  • Opt-Out Information

  • Students can opt- out of the following fees:

    Health and Dental USC

    Full Time students are automatically enrolled in the USC Health and Dental Plan. NOTE: The Opt-out period will be open from July 1st to September 26th, 2018 at 11:30pm. For more information on the plan or if you have any questions or concerns please contact USC’s Plan Administrator Nina Joyce at https://www.studentbenefits.ca/ .


    O-Pass Fee

    This is for students participating in Orientation Week. ALL first year full time students will be charged this fee. Opt-out period will open from July 1st to August 15th, 2018. Students can opt out by visiting; http://westernusc.ca/o-pass-opt-out/

  • UHIP

  • This is the University Health Insurance Plan for International Students only. For more information, please visit: http://www.uhip.ca/

  • Withdrawals & Refunds

  • Students wishing to withdraw from a course must visit/contact an academic advisor to complete the appropriate Change of Status/Withdrawal Form or an Add/Drop form as soon as possible as the amount of refund diminishes on a weekly basis from start of classes.

    Kindly refer to the appropriate refund schedule here for more details.

    Regardless of attendance refunds are based on a declining fee balance, per the refund schedule, less the applicable cancellation and non-refundable fees. The following withdrawal deadlines apply for refund purposes.

    Full Time students; no refund after November 30

    *Note if you add or drop courses but remain in 4.0 credit courses or more, you are still charged full time tuition fees.*

    Part Time Full Year Course; no refund after November 30

    Part Time Half Year First Term Course; no refund after October 15

    Part Time Half Year Second Term Course; no refund after February 15


    All refunds are applied to student fee accounts.  Refunds are first applied to any outstanding tuition.  If the result is a credit balance, a refund cheque will be issued to you within 8-10 weeks. Note:  if you are in receipt of OSAP or out-of-province student loans, any tuition refunds must be returned to the National Student Loan Service Centre if loans were received within the same academic year.  If you are a sponsored student, any refunds will be returned to your sponsor.  It is important to understand that any changes to your course registration may have financial implications. 

    If you are considering adding/dropping courses and are concerned about the financial impact, please contact Sheila Ita in person at room W37, by phone 519-438-7224 Ext. 216 or email (
    skaberer@uwo.ca). For OSAP implications contact Jane Parker in person at room W40, by phone (519-438-7224 Ext. 215) or email (mjparker@huron.uwo.ca).

  • Tax Receipts (T2202 and T4A)

  • T2202A Tuition Tax Receipts

    T2202A will be available on your Student Centre under Finances=> Tax Receipts => My T2202A by the end of February. The forms cannot be accessed on tablets or mobile devices so you have to use a PC. Ensure you have a pdf reader on your browser and the pop-up blocker is temporarily disabled to allow you to print/save your receipt. If you are using a Mac, you need to reboot the computer after adjusting these settings.  For further help with access to your account or the tax slip, send an email to contact@uwo.ca or regtax@uwo.ca.

    T4A Scholarships and Bursaries

    T4A’s will be mailed out to the address on your Huron Statement by the end of February. For inquiries about your T4A kindly contact Peggy Kelly at pkelly25@huron.uwo.ca or 519-438-7224 ext. 234