Huron University was established by an Act of the Province of Canada in 1863 and continued by The Huron College Act, 1958 (amended in 1961 and 1975).

It is currently governed by The Huron University College Act, 2000. The Act provides for an Executive Board to manage the affairs of the Corporation of Huron University College. An Academic Council is responsible for all matters relating to the academic life of the institution.

Huron is an independent, degree-granting institution, which has been affiliated with Western University since the late nineteenth century. Apart from honorary degrees in divinity, its degree-granting authority is currently held in abeyance, under the terms of our Affiliation Agreement with Western University. By this agreement, the final approval and quality assurance of Huron’s academic programs rests with Western’s Senate and students graduate with a University of Western Ontario degree. The Principal of Huron University College is an ex officio member of the Western Senate.

Affiliation Agreement

  • Huron University College provides an engaging and challenging educational experience that gives our students a distinct advantage throughout their entire lives
    Meaghan Blight
    VP, University Growth
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  • We believe society is crying out at this exact point in history for students who are called to lead – but to lead with a heart and a conscience
    Dr. Barry Craig
    Principal, Huron University
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The Corporation also includes all members of the Executive Board who are listed at the bottom on this page:

2018-2019 Membership
  • The Rt. Rev. Dr. Linda Nicholls, Chair
  • David Allen (elected by the Alumni Association Board)
  • Rev. Canon Catherine Ascah (elected by the Alumni Association Board)
  • Mark Charlton (elected by Synod)
  • Carl DeLuca (elected by Corporation)
  • The Rev. Kevin Dixon (elected by Corporation)
  • Rose Dotten (elected by the Alumni Association Board)
  • Peter Farrell (elected by the Alumni Association Board)
  • The Rev. Bradley Johnson (elected by Synod)
  • Peter Kedwell (elected by Corporation)
  • Richard McLaren (elected by Corporation)
  • Rev. Victoria Mouck (elected by Synod)
  • Steve Prisco (elected by Corporation)
  • Canon Paul Rathbone  (elected by Synod)
  • Charlie Echlin, V.P., University Affairs, HUC Students' Council (ex-officio)
  • Chris Sinal (elected by the Alumni Association Board)
  • Matt Tedford (elected by the Alumni Association Board)
  • Mary Townshend (elected by Synod)
  • The Ven. Peter Townshend  (elected by Synod)
  • David Turner (elected by Corporation)
  • The Rev. Canon Kim Van Allen (elected by Synod)
  • The Very Rev. Peter Wall (elected by the Alumni Association Board)
  • Peter White (elected by Corporation)
  • Joseph Wooden (elected by Synod)
  • Anne Turvey, Secretary (non-voting)
Honorary Lifetime Members of Corporation
  • Sheldon Aaron
  • Canon Stephen Adams. Q.C.
  • Grant Barker
  • Janet Caskey
  • Tim Duncanson
  • Keith Gibbons
  • The Rt. Rev. Bruce Howe
  • Chris Jones-Harris
  • Ann Kennedy Kedwell
  • John Leitch
  • Madame Justice Lynne Leitch
  • Don Letton
  • Richard Lucas
  • Darcy McKeough
  • The Most. Rev. Percival O'Driscoll
  • Marion Orser
  • Beverley Paterson Wood
  • John Porter
  • Janet Stewart
  • Keith Sumner
  • John Thorpe
  • Karen Wilkinson
Honorary Fellows of Corporation Membership
  • The Ven. Ken Anderson
  • Ken Andrews
  • The Rev. Susan Baldwin
  • David Bevan, Ph.D.
  • William Blissett, Ph.D.
  • Wendy Carrière
  • The Rt. Rev. Dr. John Chapman
  • Donald Cox
  • Paul Davenport, Ph.D.
  • James Frazer
  • Charles Jago, Ph.D.
  • Ramona Lumpkin, Ph.D.
  • Aruna Mathur, Ph.D.
  • Peter Mercer, Ph.D.
  • Michael Sheridan
  • Roni Srdic

Executive Board

2018-2019 Membership
  •     Mr. Ian Jeffreys, Chair
  •     Mr. Andrew Aziz, Vice Chair
  •     Mr. Aaron Atcheson
  •     Dr. Gary Badcock
  •     Ms. Meaghan Blight, Vice Principal, University Growth and Executive Director of HUC Foundation
  •     Dr. Neil Bradford
  •     Ms. Amy Bryson
  •     Ms. Jane Caskey
  •     Dr. Barry Craig, Principal
  •     Mr. Allan Donald
  •     Ms. Amy Gibbons
  •     Mr. Peter Fullerton, President, Huron Foundation
  •     Dr. Geoff Read, Interim Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Science
  •     Ms. Deborah Lucas, Vice Principal, Finance and Administration
  •     Mr. Inam Teja, President, Huron University College Student Council
  •     The Rt. Rev. Dr. Linda Nicholls
  •     Ms. Katherine Scarrow
  •     Ms. Suzette Strong
  •     Mr. Shafin Tejani
  •     Mr. Peter Theophilos, President, Huron Alumni Association
  •     The Rev. Canon Dr. Todd Townshend, Dean, Faculty of Theology
  •     Mr. Andy Truong
  •     Mrs. Anne Turvey, Executive Assistant to the Principal, and Secretary of the Corporation and the Executive Board

Key Contacts

Anne Turvey

Executive Assistant to the Principal and Secretary to the Executive Board & Corporation
519.438.7224 ext. 237

8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.                  Monday - Friday

Dr. Barry Craig

519.438.7224 ext. 237
1349 Western Rd

8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.                  Monday - Friday