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Housing & Student Life

Dons implement the Residence Life Program developed by the Residence Manager and Head Dons. Dons serve as peer advisors to other students in residence. A Don is a student who demonstrates maturity, integrity, academic success and interest in others. He/she promotes by personal example and guidance, a mature and conscientious attitude toward scholarship, the philosophy of Huron University, and the goals of the residence life program. A Don is expected to assume the following specific responsibilities in his/her floor and in the residence community in general.

The position of Don requires an individual who is self-motivated, and capable of functioning independently. As an active member of a team, he/she possesses strong leadership and communication skills and is willing to commit her/his efforts to the enhancement of Residence Life. A Don must be flexible and able to balance his/her personal commitments with responsibilities as a Don.

Dons must be full-time undergraduate students at Huron University. Don contracts are for a one-year term with the opportunity to apply for a second term based on exceptional job performance. A Don may be considered for a third term based on exceptional job performance during the previous two years and their ability to remain motivated for a third term. Dons must be able to return to campus by August 21, 2019 for the Don Training Week. Dons are required to remain in residence until the end of Christmas examination period subject to individual arrangements made with the Residence Manager. Dons must be in attendance at all Residence Life Staff meetings and training sessions throughout the year; must return to residence upon the official Residence Opening Day in January and must remain in residence until noon following the official closing of residence on May 1. The specific dates of this job description are in accordance with the University Calendar and are subject to change by Senate Regulations.

1. Live in the residence assigned to him/her and serve as a willing advisor, source of information and/or referral for the students in his/her floor who may wish to discuss social, academic or personal concerns.
2. Know and observe the standards, rules and regulations of Huron University and the residences and effectively communicate them to residents.
3. Keep in touch with situations in group living which may develop into problems and work closely with the Residence Manager, Head Dons and other appropriate consultants to resolve problem situations.
4. Establish and maintain a relationship with each of his/her floor residents, so as to create a comfortable avenue of communication.
5. Any other duties and responsibilities assigned by the Residence Manager and/or Head Dons for the successful operation of the residence program.

1. Hold floor meetings on a monthly (at minimum) basis and generally attempt to keep students informed of all residence and campus events and issues.
2. File all reports and paperwork as required, including incident reports, overnight guest forms, etc., in a timely manner, by the assigned deadlines. Complete all work orders as required (including work for common areas) in a timely manner.
3. Complete room inventories for all students living in her/his floor within two weeks of the fall semester and ensure exit inventories are done for all students leaving mid-year or at the end of the academic term.

1. Independently and collectively complete the programming requirements (e.g. floor/house events, bulletin boards, etc.) as outlined by the Residence Manager/Head Dons.
2. Perform committee responsibilities where assumed or assigned.
3. Support and encourage resident participation in programs organized by HUCSC, such as Orientation Week, Homecoming, Semi-Formal, Formal, etc.
4. Work with students in residence to establish a relationship of trust and mutual respect and build a sense of community, while maintaining professionalism at all times.
5. Take steps to be aware of any sexist, homophobic, racist or any other behaviour that is disrespectful to another person and combat such behaviour in conjunction with Head Dons and/or Residence Manager
6. Remit paperwork associated with programming (i.e. programming pre and post reports, etc.) in a timely fashion and according to the procedure outlined by Residence Manager/Head Dons.

1. Work with the students in residence to establish and maintain an atmosphere conducive to studies.
2. Enforce Quiet Hours.
3. Provide information regarding libraries, study areas within the college and study skill workshops offered by Huron, HUCSC, Western, SDC and other agencies within both the university and the city.

1. Support the work of the Residence Life Staff as a whole, and the individuals within this team.
2. Know Staff members and share skills and expertise with them.
3. Participate and provide input/suggestions.
4. Meet with the Residence Manager/Head Dons on a monthly basis to discuss necessary professional and personal issues.

1. Dons are expected to be available to students on their floor frequently, and always during their specified duty as scheduled by the Residence Manager. Duty shifts begin at 7:00pm and end at 7:00am. Duty keys must be signed out from the Information Desk before 7:00 p.m. and signed back in before 4:00 p.m. the next day. Each Don must also check in with the RM/HD on-call prior to 7:00 p.m. Duty shifts will be regularly scheduled for all Dons on a rotational basis as well as during holidays and special College events. If circumstances dictate a duty switch then the Don must inform the Head Don by completing a duty switch request.
2. Dons must not consume any alcohol during or prior to (day of) their duty shifts.
3. Dons must be on Huron University property during their duty shifts.
4. Dons are expected to attend all scheduled events during the Don Training Week. No exception to this requirement can be made. Dons must be available throughout the residence move-in procedure and Huron University College Orientation activities.
5. Dons must comply with duty requirements as set out by the Residence Manager and Head Dons during training week.

1. Contact Campus Police Services immediately if illegal or life threatening behaviour is detected; subsequently call the Manager On-Call.
2. When involved with a person(s) suffering illness or injury on College property, under no circumstance should paid College employees use their vehicles for transportation - either call a cab or an ambulance.
3. Report to the Manager On-Call and/or immediately address unsafe/hazardous, or otherwise deficient physical or living conditions.
4. Refer to the Residence Manager/Head Don any issues that are beyond the scope of his/her abilities to address.
5. Respect and adhere to the principle of confidentiality.
6. Document and follow-up on problems either independently and/or in consultation with the Residence Manager.
7. Consistently and fairly enforce residence rules, providing the proper level of discipline so that the rights and needs of all students (to study, learn, rest, socialize and grow through the experience of community living) are respected.

The hours and duties of a Don vary greatly during the year. In return, he/she will receive:

  • A stipend of $7,818.00 per year**
  • Assigned Don room at double room rate
  • $200.00 UWO Food Dollars
  • Partial reimbursement for RezNet, not to exceed $200.00 for the duration of the contract and will equal 20 hours per month of access
  • Reimbursement for the use of your personal cellular telephone, not to exceed $520.00 for the duration of the contract;
  • First Aid/CPR training
  • Staff uniform

**Rate will change for 2019-20 following the approval of the 2019-20 University budget

DEPARTMENT: Housing & Student Life
SUPERVISOR’S TITLE:  Residence Manager
TERM OF POSITION:  August 2019 - May 2020

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