Huron's Distinct Advantage

Huron University is completely unique to post-secondary institutions in Canada. We are creating a university experience unlike any other that prioritizes ethical leadership and community engagement, as much as the pursuit of academic achievement.

Who thrives at Huron? Every student who welcomes the challenge of interacting with unparalleled faculty and peers in classrooms where you’re held accountable to show up and show off. Learn what we are doing differently from everybody else to ensure our students achieve unparalleled personal and professional success.

  • The practice of medicine is not about cells. It's about human beings and that, above all else, is what the Liberal Arts teaches you to understand
    Don Melady, BA'81 English
    Physician, Mount Sinai Hospital
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  • Much of what we're trying to achieve at Victory aligns with Huron's vision of Educating Leaders with Heart, and I'm really excited about the direction the school is going in
    Shafin Tejani
    BA, Political Science, Class of 2001
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  • Huron gave me competence academically and socially. My education taught me how to communicate with people from all walks of life, including those in positions of authority
    Taylor Harris
    From Huron to Cambridge
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  • Huron University College provides an engaging and challenging educational experience that gives our students a distinct advantage throughout their entire lives
    Meaghan Blight
    VP, University Growth
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  • We believe society is crying out at this exact point in history for students who are called to lead – but to lead with a heart and a conscience
    Dr. Barry Craig
    Principal, Huron University
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  • Huron students are motivated by our Liberal Arts perspectives, and we're going to take them in different directions to create a better world
    Annika Lui
    Venture for Canada Fellow
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  • When you have a Philosophy degree, you can do anything you want with it. I feel pretty strongly about a Liberal Arts education
    Dave Beeston, BA'01
    Executive Vice President, Boston Red Sox
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  • I think that when you work extremely hard for something - I've started to learn this over the last few years, really - the sky is the limit
    Ali Budd BA' 04
    Founder & CEO, Ali Budd Interiors
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Your voice will be heard at Huron.

Come to a strategically small university that treats you like a big deal. 

Huron is dedicated to remaining different and protecting the integrity of our institution. Our university maintains strict admission criteria for multiple reasons, but the main purpose is to ensure our students get the personalized attention they need from professors who have the capacity to deliver it. We never want our students to feel lost in the crowd or like their voices don't matter, so we deliberately keep our class sizes down and remain dedicated to our vision of close-knit community.

Why should you care about being a part of a close-knit community?

Well, just try to imagine the different experience you'll have in an average classroom of 30 peers - rather than 300.

  • How much more likely will you be to participate in a learning environment where you're on a first-name basis with your fellow students?
  • Don't you think it will encourage you to work harder and feel more ready to ask for help when your professor knows who YOU are, rather than identifies you by student number when you hand in an assignment they won't even personally mark?
  • What about your access to opportunities: do you think you'll have a better chance competing against 29 or 299 people for the internship, volunteer or extracurricular position of your dreams?

We're pretty sure we know the answers to these questions, but you'll have to decide how much that matters to you.

Because Huron is strategically small, professors do all of our instruction

This ensures that students receive the time and attention from professors they need to fully understand course material. As a Huron student, you will also forge a close relationship with your professors and you're really going to see how much these close relationships matter when you need a reference letter for grad school or to pursue your career path. Rather than receiving a generic note about what you may or may not have contributed to class learning during brief encounters, you will receive a genuine recommendation that reflects who you are as a student and person.

Read more below about the professors who are going to get to know you personally and support you to achieve significant academic and professional success.

  • My teaching aims to instil in my students behaviours that will help them excel in the workplace: engagement, leadership, communication, and collaboration. I can also (hopefully) make accounting fun
    Vicki Sweeney MBA, CPA, CMA
    Assistant Professor, BMOS
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  • My main task as a Liberal Arts professor is to help students build the tools they need to go out into the world as principled and thoughtful people. It all comes down to whether or not they have the critical thinking skills to question not only the world around them, but also to question themselves ...
    Jennifer Mustapha, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Political Science
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  • I approach teaching as the cultivation of events in which we may confront the responsibilities we have as knowers, embrace the value of dis- and re-orientations in our learning, and become highly skilled in ethical scholarly practices
    Mark F. N. Franke, PhD
    Director & Associate Professor, Centre for Global Studies
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