Executive Vice President, Boston Red Sox

Dave Beeston, BA'01
Executive Vice President, Boston Red Sox
When you have a Philosophy degree, you can do anything you want with it. I feel pretty strongly about a Liberal Arts education

According to Dave Beeston, Senior Vice President for the Boston Red Sox, he wouldn’t be where he is today without his Huron Liberal Arts degree. He says students potentially themselves a disservice for not giving themselves room to breathe and taking time to figure out where they wish to go with life.


"A Liberal Arts education is an amazing opportunity to give yourself a broad platform for anything you want to do. If you go to school to become an engineer, you're probably going to become an engineer. You can go other places, but you're headed down a particular path. I think a Liberal Arts education gives you a wide swath of opportunity...The world is your oyster."


Hear from Dave himself about what it's like to walk into your dream job every single day - and how your unique experiences at Huron can help you get there.