Sidewalk Talks

Apr 2nd
11:00am - 1:00pm
Huron University, Courtyard

Join us in Huron's courtyard for Sidewalk Talks!   This is our first listening event, "You talk, we listen!".  Participants can speak to a trained listener about whatever they might have going on in their life - celebrations, accomplishments, challenges and hardships.  Connect with a peer and learn about resources available on campus and in the community!

Food will be provided.  Students, faculty and staff can connect with one another both through conversations with our listeners, or by taking part informally.  Become aware of the available student support services at Huron. For more information contact

In addition, we need 3 student volunteers for this event. Volunteers will act as trained listeners, talking with participants about anything: from roommate troubles to exam stress. Volunteers should be prepared to complete online training, as well as attend SafeTalk training on March 10th.  Email Megan Dykstra for more information 

Sidewalk Talks