HUCSC (Students' Council) President

Inam Teja
HUCSC (Students' Council) President
Whether you’re an elected representative, a commissioner, coordinator or an associate vice-president, your role is a very important role, because the success of our organization and its mission to serve students to the best of our ability depends on our collective effort and hard work

We hope your HUCSC experience this year is both enjoyable and a valuable learning opportunity. I am committed to making sure you have all the tools that you need to succeed in your positions and help make the vision you may have ran on and the one your constituents may have elected you on, a reality.

Never forget that my door is always open for you and that you are more than welcome to contact us about any issue you have, whether it’s about a concern a constituent has brought forward, if you want an opinion or more information on an initiative or motion you are working on or if one of the pool cues in the SAC are broken again.

We look forward to working with you this upcoming year and all the great things we can accomplish! 

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