​​​​​​​Call for Nominations for the 2019-20 FASS Award for Excellence in Teaching 

Feb 26th - Mar 25th
8:30am - 4:00pm

This is a Call for Nominations for the 2019-20 FASS Award for Excellence in Teaching. The Award is given for excellence in undergraduate teaching in the Faculty of Arts and Social Science, demonstrated over a number of years. 

Factors that may be considered by the FASS Teaching and Learning Committee in selecting a recipient are: classroom instruction; academic counselling, mentoring, and advising of students; course design; curriculum development; preparation of educational materials; and innovative teaching methods. 

Nominations may be made by members of faculty, staff, students, and alumni. 

Packages should include: 

  • letter of nomination, addressing the criteria listed above; 
  • document from the nominee containing a statement of teaching philosophy and details of the implementation of that philosophy in the nominee’s teaching [submission of this document signifies acceptance of the nomination]; 
  • letters from two students (current and/or former), and one faculty member, all to be solicited by the nominator and to address the criteria listed above. 

The committee will also consider documents from the nominee, including a listing of impacts on the scholarship of teaching and learning [including publications, presentations, adoption of methods and/or materials by colleagues, requests for demonstrations, favourable reviews of materials etc.] As supplementary materials the committee may examine course outlines posted online, as well as student evaluations of courses and instruction conducted at Huron over the three years leading up to the nomination. [The nominator and nominee do not need to provide these.] 

Nominators and nominees should collaborate to ensure that packages are sent to Deanne van Tol, Coordinator, Teaching & Research, by Monday, March 25, 2019.

Deanne van Tol, Coordinator, Teaching & Research