Arts & Social Science

Huron’s Faculty of Arts & Sciences (FASS) offers a truly unique learning experience where students have the opportunity to engage with thought-provoking subject matter across eleven Departments that offer 63 distinctive programs.

Develop your understanding of all aspects of life that influence communities. From learning to speak a new language to becoming a more effective local and global citizen, FASS will empower you with the knowledge to understand the world, and the skills to shape it.

Why Study Within the Faculty of Arts and Social Science?

Learn how to critically analyze the complex narratives that shape humanity. Grapple with the processes of meaning-making in diverse cultures to better understand what pushes our world forward, what stands in the way of its betterment – and how you contribute to shaping the aspects you are passionate about.

Exam Schedule - April 2019


Alumni Stories

Graduates from Huron's Faculty of Arts & Social Science are making it happen - all around the world. Their incredibly unique stories speak directly to the value and adaptability of a Liberal Arts degree. Whether their educational journey involved philosophical thought, the study of various cultures or focused on human behaviour, our alumni have put their degrees to work.

By leveraging the knowledge and skills they gained at Huron, our Leaders with Heart have earned top spots at Fortune 500 companies, they've helped reduce suffering, increased community good and are continuing to achieve aspirational success, all while remaining true to our values of compassion, integrity and innovation.

  • Much of what we're trying to achieve at Victory aligns with Huron's vision of Educating Leaders with Heart, and I'm really excited about the direction the school is going in
    Shafin Tejani
    BA, Political Science, Class of 2001
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  • Economics is about more than just people. It's an enriching exploration into the social and economic trends that influence and shape one another, resulting in transformative human experiences
    Mahdiyeh Entezarkheir, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Economics
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  • I hope to engage students in the perennial questions and ideas that are essential to our life in community with others
    Sara MacDonald, PhD
    Professor, Political Science
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  • Huron students are motivated by our Liberal Arts perspectives, and we're going to take them in different directions to create a better world
    Annika Lui
    Venture for Canada Fellow
  • When you have a Philosophy degree, you can do anything you want with it. I feel pretty strongly about a Liberal Arts education
    Dave Beeston, BA'01
    Executive Vice President, Boston Red Sox
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  • I approach teaching as an opportunity to create conditions that foster collective forms of learning and celebrate anti-oppressive ways of knowing in a global context
    Lucas Savino, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Centre for Global Studies
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  • I approach teaching as the cultivation of events in which we may confront the responsibilities we have as knowers, embrace the value of dis- and re-orientations in our learning, and become highly skilled in ethical scholarly practices
    Mark F. N. Franke, PhD
    Director & Associate Professor, Centre for Global Studies
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  • The Liberal Arts teaches you to ask the right questions - not the easy ones. You learn to look at what is happening in the world, and you start to see different biases as your preconceived notions are turned on their heads
    Trevor Sookraj
    3rd year Honours Specialization Globalization Studies
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