Year 3, Major in English & Cultural Studies

Natalie Cross
Year 3, Major in English & Cultural Studies
Huron's English & Cultural Studies department is truly unique. The professors are not only experts in their field, but they're continually willing to adapt their learning environments to better meet student needs and help us learn in ways that will meaningfully contribute to our capacity for Leadership with Heart.

I decided to major in English & Cultural Studies because understanding how different communities and individuals perceive themselves and the world is critical for our future. Not only is there a focus on literature, there's also a strong emphasis on the cultural aspects of the program, which makes your classes less conventional and extremely interesting.

If you're a student who is passionate about the English language, literature and exploring the archetypes that define our interactions with creative works, you will also have the opportunity to engage with multiple clubs, such as the student-published Grub Street Journal and the Huron Underground Dramatic Society, which allows you to pursue your interests beyond the classroom. That way, you receive a unique student experience that is not offered anywhere else.