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Assistant Professor, MOS

Alexander Miller
I am passionate about understand my students true potential and hold them accountable to reaching what they can be.

Alexander “A.J.” Miller is a passionate educator and small business entrepreneur. For a decade he has taught hundred of students through various first and second year business courses and travelled on global exchange to teach introductory business courses worldwide. Recently, AJ and fellow Huron University College Richard Bloomfield have collaborated to publish several open-source business case studies to highlight more equity diversity and inclusion amongst introductory business lessons.

Currently, AJ teaches a variety of topics including introductory accounting as well as organizational behavior for human resources. His pedagogy is focused a three pillars, teaching the fundamentals, using experiential learning to enhance those materials and using modern research understand developments in the area. He has worked with community partners to enable classroom experience that crossover into real workplace. He uses his real world experience as an escape room owner to enhance the classroom with real world experience.

He is a proud alum of the Lazaridis and Richard Ivey School of Business.

Summary of Research:

Business Case Studies
Rameco Distribution – 2014 (Ivey Publishing Case Number: 9B14B010)
Wacky Webster’s TV Home and Audio – 2014 (Ivey Publishing Case Number: 9B14B008)
Three Business Out of Cash – 2020 Huron University College
Payton Needs A Prototype – 2022 Huron University College