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Huron is committed to providing our students and faculty with ample research opportunities because we believe supporting the creation of new knowledge is the way to move our world forward. Through events, collaborative initiatives and the provision of financial support, our university aims to demonstrate the value of Liberal Arts research in addressing social issues.

Huron students will have unique opportunities to conduct research in close partnership with their professors. This will help them build an impressive portfolio, positioning them for success in post-graduate studies and the vocation of their choice.

Research Stories

  • I allow myself to feel the anger, sadness, despair over the things that humans are capable of doing in order to understand the phenomenon - in order to limit, to minimize, the things that cause the despair.
    March 2019
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  • As I conduct my research in the field I always ask myself: ‘how can I make this process more collaborative, more horizontal?
    February 2019
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  • Congratulations Drs. Bill Acres and Tara Dumas, recipients of Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) grants.
    January 2019
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  • These new colleagues allow students, faculty members, and community partners at the Centre for Global Studies to acknowledge and participate within a broader community of scholarship.
    Adjunct Professors appointed to Centre for Global Studies
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  • The political moment seems to be colliding with a 2,500 year old philosophical puzzle.
    January 2019
    Dr. Steven Bland
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  • Speak to your peers, discuss your thoughts, and share your discoveries. Through this, ideas can and will grow.
    Dr. Amanda Di Ponio publishes book exploring world of theatre and drama
    November 2018
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  • The projects supported by this funding further the mission of CURL to offer transformative learning experiences to Huron students
    Huron Faculty Create Opportunities for Student Research Collaboration
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  • Partnering to support local projects and build community capacity is a key goal of the Huron Community History Centre
    Huron Partners to Support Community History 
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Centre for Undergraduate Research Learning

CURL aims to transform undergraduate learning through opportunities that support students in research, academia, and their future careers. Learn more about the immersive research experiences, funding opportunities and mentorship components of this unique institute.

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