Professor, Political Science

Sara MacDonald, PhD
Professor, Political Science
I hope to engage students in the perennial questions and ideas that are essential to our life in community with others

At Huron, we have the remarkable opportunity to delve deeply into both the perennial problems and questions of human life and those that are unique to our modern experience. We know that life is complicated, life in community is even more complicated. At Huron we are supported by small class sizes, expert teachers and a university mission to take the time to think deeply about these issues so that we might be prepared to act responsibly when the time comes.

Summary of Research: 

  • The Philosophy and Literature of Freedom
  • Ancient political philosophy, with a particular love for its superstar, Plato 
  • Popular culture and Political Engagement
  • The reconciliation of universal principles with individual subjectivity. In other words, Hegel and the virtues of modernity

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