5th Year Student

Sophie Koehn
5th Year Student
I can't think of another time in life when you can so easily go live in another country for half a year.

Learn Something New about the World and Yourself

The decision to study film for four months at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, came easily to Huron student Sophie. She wanted to explore a different culture and step out of her comfort zone by traveling on her own. 

It helped that New Zealand's film industry was thriving and the country is renowned for fabulous outdoor adventures - one of Sophie's passions.

Sophie immersed herself in research into how New Zealand's and Canada's respective histories and landscapes have shaped their films and art. She built close relationships with people whose lives were vastly different from her own, an experience she believes helped build the leadership skills of compassion and understanding.

It inspired me to explore what role I can play in this world, which extends beyond what I had previously imagined.