Your Students' Council

The Huron University College Students’ Council (HUCSC) is a Student Government and not-for-profit corporation at Huron University College that is committed to enhancing the educational experience and quality of life for all undergraduate students at Huron University College. We do this in three main ways:

  1. We advocate student issues, concerns and priorities to Huron administrators, faculty and staff on behalf of students.
  2. We provide comprehensive social and academic events and programming as well as services such as Clubs, Intramurals and The Beaver Dam.
  3. We strive to provide meaningful involvement, volunteer and development opportunities for all students.


There are about 40 members and positions on the HUCSC ranging from Executive positions, elected Councillors and Representatives, Commissioners and Coordinators as well as Associate Vice-President positions.

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  • Whether you’re an elected representative, a commissioner, coordinator or an associate vice-president, your role is a very important role, because the success of our organization and its mission to serve students to the best of our ability depends on our collective effort and hard work
    Inam Teja
    HUCSC President
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